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Career Coaching

NXTLevel Consulting provides coaching on career decisions – helping people fully realize their potential – and getting to a place where they love their work.


We provide career coaching for people throughout southeastern Wisconsin.

NXTStep Career Coaching – Helps participants examine their current or desired career options. 

"Mike is a very straightforward and down-to-earth

development coach who offers a very unique and

valuable perspective which he has honed throughout

his very diverse background."  – Jim, General Manager


Career Coaching

Our NXTStep Career program helps participants examine their current or desired career options. Whether you are looking for your first job or looking to better understand if you’re on the right path to maximize your success and happiness at work, this program will help you.

How You Will Benefit from Our Career Coaching

  • Understand your strengths, motivation, and opportunities for future development

  • Discuss which career opportunities offer a strong fit for your personality and skills

  • Explore the skills and traits associated with leadership or non-leader career paths

  • Identify what type of role and workplace are most satifying for you


Participants complete two profile/assessment tools online. These are not tests. There are no right or wrong answers. Each assessment will take less than 15 minutes to complete.

A one-on-one session will be scheduled for the participant to review his or her assessment results with a career coach. This session will explore your interests, your strengths and your fit in your current or desired role. In-person sessions are highly recommended, however, remote participation via telephone or virtual meeting tools are also options.

Participants then have telephone and email access to the career coach for six months following the career session.

Learn about our Executive and Leadership Coaching which helps leaders identify their respective skill inventory and their opportunities for improvement.

Contact Mike Ghislain at NXTLevel to discuss your talent needs, and how our experience and contingency approach can meet your leadership hiring needs. Call (262) 210-2581 or email Mike at

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