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Executive & Leadership Coaching

NXTLevel Consulting helps executives and others in leadership positions identify opportunities for skills improvement, and then implement steps to increase performance based on the enhanced skills. .


Our leadership coaching services throughout southeastern Wisconsin are focused on specific areas including:


Executive and Leadership Coaching Help leaders identify their respective skill inventory and their opportunities for improvement 

"Mike is a very straightforward and down-to-earth development coach who offers a very unique and valuable perspective which he has honed throughout his very diverse background."  – Jim, General Manager

Executive and Leadership Coaching

Effective leadership in a company can be the difference between top and bottom quartile performance. In simpler terms, your leaders either make you millions of dollars, or lose them. Everyone has strengths and areas for improvement. Investing in the ongoing development of your-self and your leadership team is what top performing companies do.

How We Help Executives and Leaders

  • Help leaders identify their skill inventory and their opportunities for improvement

  • Bring tools, resources and perspective from experience outside your business

  • Work with individuals, their leaders, and teams on targeted succession development

  • Assist seasoned leaders to adapt to the changing business climate


We offer executive and leadership coaching on a project basis.

Learn about our NXTStep Career Coaching which helps participants examine their current or desired career options.

Contact Mike Ghislain at NXTLevel to discuss your talent needs, and how our experience and contingency approach can meet your leadership hiring needs. Call (262) 210-2581 or email Mike at

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